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the Safety of Your Employees, Customers, Clients, And Visitors Are Now More Important Than Ever. They Are Your Assets And Must Be Protected At All Times.

At AGS, we understand the security needs of the construction industry. That’s why we have created comprehensive security and safety solutions that include everything from daily patrol to active fire watch solutions as well as theft and vandalism deterrence.
Construction sites usually have multiple entry points, and plenty of materials and equipment scattered all over. These must be secured for your safety and that of your employees. The workers, contractors, and delivery of people coming and going out of the site also pose a security threat. It is essential to ensure that only the relevant personnel are allowed access. The constant movement of building materials and equipment can also present problems.
We offer a comprehensive range of construction site security services. As a private security company with more than three decades of experience in the security industry, providing our clients with quality, visible, and multi-layered security presence on their construction sites.

Our key services
We Can Help You Avoid the High Cost of Theft
Theft is more than a nuisance; it is a pricy drain on budgets. Construction materials such as copper and cement can be sold for a reasonable price on the black market, and that means your site could be the next target. Theft can amount to thousands of dollars in lost gear and materials. Our security guards make it impossible for unscrupulous people to get on-site and steal.
We Can Ensure All Safety Protocols Are Applied Properly
Accidents occur. But they can be avoided. Our officers can help you implement all safety protocols and procedures. Unauthorized guests, unruly employees, and irrelevant personnel on the site increase the safety issues for your staff and contractors. Our construction security guards guarantee that only authorized persons enter the location and that too while wearing appropriate hard hat and eye protection usage.
We Prevent Unauthorized Access Onto Your Site 24/7
Vandalism is a massive problem for construction sites across America. People can find their way in through unauthorized entryways. These trespassers can cause all sorts of damage for fun or because they want to delay your construction work for their schemes. Don’t let them win this one. Our construction site security can help reduce crime, and related undue stress, costs, and also the time it takes to repair and replace the damaged work and materials.
We offer Timely Reporting & Documentation of all Incidents
Some of our security guards have slightly different duties than patrols and deterrence acts etc. They can create detailed reports of the day’s activities, arrivals, departures, sign-ins, deliveries sent out & received as well as a whole range of activities.
These security professionals guard the grounds and dates, monitor video surveillance, and watch out for any unpleasant incidents, etc. These duties leave your employees to do what they do best, i.e., make your site safer.
We Ensure the Safety of Your Personnel At All Times
You can count on us to make sure that only the correct personnel are on-site. Our officers stand guard to ensure that only relevant people are allowed on site to keep the incidents of theft and vandalism at a minimum. Our guards look after the contractors and employees working on the construction site and keep people everyone else away unless they have special permission from you, the client. Remember, unwanted visitors are a distraction at best or cause for safety liability at worse.
We Keep the Unruly Staff Inline So Your Site Isn’t Compromised
The AGS security guards can also provide support if your employees or contractors reach on-site in an unfit or inebriated condition. Although, this may not be a regular occurrence if you suspect that this might happen it is time to give us a call. Our unarmed security guards alone can handle the situation fitfully; they are trained to deal with people who are intoxicated or high. And they can keep them away from the job site until they are considered fit to work.
We Stay On Fire Watch Ensuring the Safety of Your Construction Site At All Times
Construction sites are naturally at heightened fire risk; we can help. Our security guards ensure on-going security, no matter how unique your situation may be.
Our officers familiarize themselves with your property and find areas that are at higher fire risk. They ensure the safety of alarms, sprinklers, and pumps. If any raw materials or products are highly flammable, they keep an eye on these areas while securing the rest of the premises as well.
We Are Available For Closing and Opening the Building and Filing Relevant Reports
Use AGS private security guards to reliably lock up your construction premises and set the alarm at the end of each workday. They’ll also be the first ones there in the morning ready to open up the site and let your employees log in to work.
These trained security guards inspect the premises and ensure your complete peace of mind throughout it all. Count on our guards to follow a strict protocol that keeps your property and assets protected at all times.
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Our construction site security experts help you defend your site from unsolicited visitors, vandalism, and theft, trespassing, and a variety of other internal and external threats. We create and implement comprehensive security plans that deliver the most effective results for all your security needs.

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We make sure that the security of your Construction site is the least of your concerns so you can focus on other aspects of your job. We are a one-stop-shop, catering to all your security needs. Count on us to address all safety issues on the site with the following services:

The AGS Difference - Security That’s Streamlined and On-Point!

Our officers go through an arduous security training program, where they get specialized instruction in private property security. They pass thorough background checks and are screened for drugs. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term guards, who can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs. As and when possible, we urge regular placement of our guards so they can get acquainted with your people and the environment. This helps us build trust, understand the area and its security needs, making it easier to detect suspicious persons or movement.

We Are Fully Insured and Licensed,
and Provide 24/7 Security Dispatch Services.


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