Residential Security Services

the Safety of Your Employees, Customers, Clients, And Visitors Are Now More Important Than Ever. They Are Your Assets And Must Be Protected At All Times.

We specialize in serving apartment complexes, condominiums, gated communities, and houses. At AGS, we know that security is your number one concern whether you live in an apartment or a managed community. We work with you as a team to create a security strategy that addresses all your security concerns. Our residential security team is trained to respond to domestic situations and emergency of all kinds, with patience and excellent customer service ethos.

Our key services
We Prevent Loitering, Trespassing, and Vandalism
Our standing guards are the best visual deterrent against any potential criminal activity or mischief. We work with apartments and housing communities to provide bespoke security solutions that work for them.
Our guards are trained to handle the most complicated of situations. They are up-to-date with industry standards and compliance requirements. They are present in uniform to mitigate threats like break-ins, vandalism, and theft, etc.
We Provide Assistance to the Residents in Need
We work in tandem with property managers and HOA officers to understand the community’s security needs. We know you expect nothing less than excellence, and that is what we aim to deliver.
Count on our security guards to escort residents to the parking lot and from the parking lot to their homes. We can also handle the entryways and reception in uniform, to deter any potential threats at all times.
We Report on Daily Activities & Any Irregularities
While Patrolling your property, we ensure that all facilities are free of hazard. You can count on us to report any irregularities, damage, maintenance and plumbing issues, etc.
Our security guards are highly trained to secure the reception and lobby area of your residential building. They can maintain visitor logs, and daily activity reports, provide assistance to visitors and monitor the arrivals and departures, creating thorough reports of each instance.
We Stay On a Fire Watch to Protect Your Property at All Times
Sometimes, it only takes a watchful eye to avoid complete disaster. Our security guards patrol the premises of your home or residential building and stay observant for any sins of smoke or fire.
These dedicated fire watch officers are trained to respond immediately to fire-related threats and prevent fires. In case of an emergency, you can count on them to call in the fire department and engage in evacuation procedures.
We Carry Out On-Foot Security Patrol to Ensure Your Peace of Mind
Our foot patrol guards provide security for large areas of your property that can’t be accessed by our vehicle patrols.
You can count on our reliable officers to carry out regular foot patrols, maintaining a safe and family-friendly environment around your residence. These highly trained officers can enforce parking & safety regulations while also reducing the potential for liability risk.
We Do Vehicle Patrol to Keep the Neighborhood Safe
When you need a definite deterrent and visible security over a large area, our patrol officers show up in fully-equipped, security-marked patrol vehicles.
We can carry out mobile surveillance over gated communities, and parking garages, etc. allowing for visible and active security presence. All patrol cars are equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that your residential property is safe at all times.
A Gate Guard Is The First Point-of-Contact For Visitors… Make It Count!

Our security programs are targeted at gated residential communities and private residences. Our security officers can act as gate guards, making the residents feel safe while also ensuring that guests feel sufficiently welcome. They ensure that the entry requirements set by you the client are met and adhered to. They have the customer service chops to ensure that all guests are treated professionally and dealt with accordingly.

Recurrent Patrolling Reduces Crime… It’s Proven!

As the homeowner or property manager, you’ve already got enough on your plate. Let us take the security worries away from you… for good. Our in-vehicle and on-foot patrol programs are built to prevent crime before the criminals even look towards your property. These patrols can be scheduled for several times a day, or once a day, for as many times as you need. Our officers will patrol, with particular focus on entry and exit points as well as other areas that prone to undesirable activity.

Safe & Secure Offices & Industrial Complexes – With AGSI

We make sure that the security of your commercial building is the least of your concerns so you can focus on other aspects of your job. We are a one-stop-shop, catering to all your business security needs. Count on us to address all safety issues on your property with the following services:

The AGS Difference - Security That’s Streamlined and On-Point!

Our officers go through an arduous security training program, where they get specific instructions in private property security. They pass thorough background checks and are screened for drugs. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term guards, who can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs. As and when possible, we urge regular placement of our guards so they can get acquainted with your people and the environment. This helps us build trust, understand the area and its security needs, making it easier to detect suspicious persons or movement.

We Are Fully Insured and Licensed,
and Provide 24/7 Security Dispatch Services.


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